Sawnee Amateur Radio Association

An amateur radio club for the Forsyth County Georgia Area

Welcome to the Sawnee Amateur Radio Association


SARA is one of the premier clubs in the North Georgia area. Presently, we have over fifty active members. The club and its members are actively involved in many different amateur radio activities. Some members enjoy just rag-chewing, or operating CW, SSB, VHF SSB, or QRP. Others enjoy chasing DX, or working satellites, or building equipment and antenna systems.

The clubs main emphasis is to assist local communities with special events and their communications needs. We also like to promote the public awareness of the ARRL Field Day event held every June. SARA has been honored with two national “First Place” finishes in our class, during past Field Day events.

If you are just starting out in amateur radio, we invite you to one of our upcoming events or meetings. Let us introduce you to our hobby while you visit one of the best clubs in the area.

April 9th Meeting – When All Else Failed

Last summer many locations in the Caribbean and the mainland of the US got hammered with the worst hurricane season in walkerk8eabmemory. Puerto Rico was particularly devastated; their already-fragile infrastructure was hammered by two hurricanes in rapid succession, leaving no communications, electrical, or other infrastructure operational on the island. Remember the ARRL slogan, When All Else Fails? Well, all else did fail, and the Red Cross turned to the ARRL to ask for 50 volunteer hams with 25 sets of communication gear to go to Puerto Rico. ARRL put out the word and within a few hours had several hundred hams volunteering for the 50 positions the Red Cross asked for. ARRL went to work organizing the hams and rounding up the equipment needed, and in just a few days, 50 hams were on the island providing much-needed communications.


One of the hams selected to go was our own Wey Walker, K8EAB. Wey is going to describe his experiences at our meeting on April 9. You really, really don’t want to miss this one – shows that the 100 year old technology (with so many improvements the old timers would not recognize it) remains the go-to technology when all else fails. And hams, volunteers who put their lives on hold to help out without receiving a penny for their service, made it happen.

So come hear Wey talk about his experiences and how hams really showed their stuff when all else failed.


The Meeting


The meeting is at 7:00 on Monday April 9th. We are at Northside Forsyth Hospital’s Bennett Center, 1400 Northside Forsyth Drive, Cumming, GA 30041. This is off GA 400 Exit 14. Enter from Ronald Reagan Blvd. (extension of Marketplace Blvd.) The Bennett Center is on the first floor of the 1400 building, directly across the drive from the (free) parking garage. The conference center is behind the reception desk to your left as you enter the 1400 building. Of course you don’t have to be a member of SARA to come, but if you live in the area we’d really appreciate your membership.

The Eating


If you can, join us at 5:30 or so at Marie’s, It’s in the Publix shopping center on the north side of GA 20 (GA400 Exit 14), 580 Atlanta Rd, Cumming, Ga. 30040. Marie’s is in the 2nd building to the left of Publix, just past the Humane Society Thrift Store and the monopole cell tower. Here is a Google Street View of the restaurant front to show you what to look for: Look for us maybe at the big table in the front. We’re hoping that Wey can join us, giving you some extra chances to chat with him.