Updates on Field Day 2020- Powerpoint with info below

Update June 9th- Originally the ARRL did not allow Class D stations to contact other Class D stations for points in Field Day. This rule has changed, Class D stations are now permitted to work each other.

Hello SARA and Forsyth ARES Members!

We have held off making a decision on if and how SARA will conduct Field Day 2020 as long as we can. This update will outline our PROPOSED Field Day participation format for 2020.

Let me begin, first, however by laying out the context and environmental factors behind what we are about to announce:

Certainly no one needs to be reminded that we are in the throes of an unprecedented coronavirus pandemic in COVID 19

Georgia Governor Kemp has extended the ‘shelter in place’ order for those over 65 – and may even extend it further such that it would include the Field Day dates

Those that do go into pubic are still expected to ‘social distance’ and face masks are recommended

The very nature of Field Day, sitting side by side another operator for an hour or more, using the same microphones and keyboards and community dining, all violate these social distancing guidelines

And lastly, ARRL has not modified the Field Day rules to make any accommodation for this national pandemic

Therefore, thinking clearly about all this, it really does boil down to two options:

1.   Disregard all advice/caution and attempt some version of ‘normal’ Field Day

2.   Convert to individual (or pairs) Entry Categories for Field Day participation

SARA is choosing Number 2 for 2020 Field Day participation!


See ARRL Entry Categories definitions below.

Remember that Field Day is not a ‘contest’… rather, the purpose is:

Work as many stations as possible on Amateur Bands

Learn to operate in abnormal situations in less than optimal conditions

Developing skills to meet the challenges of emergency preparedness


Here are the specifics we are recommending for SARA Field Day 2020:

Go to and get the latest on both rules and advice from ARRL and study these for yourself.

If you study the ARRL Rules closely under Section 4. Entry Categories, you will note there are only two Entry Categories that are NOT open to people operating as individuals or pairs. 4.1. (Class A) Club / non-club portable: Club or a non-club group of three or more persons and  4.8. (Class F) Emergency Operations Centers (EOC): An amateur radio station at an established EOC activated by a club or non-club group … these are the only options you DO NOT HAVE!

Here are the options you can consider:

·      4.3. (Class B) One or two person portable

·      4.4. (Class B – Battery) One or two person portable

·      4.5. (Class C) Mobile: Stations in vehicles capable of operating while in motion and normally operated in this manner.

·      4.6. (Class D) Home stations: Stations operating from permanent or licensed station locations using commercial power. Class D stations are now permitted to make contacts with other Class D stations. Originally this was not permitted, but the ARRL made the recent change.

·       4.7. (Class E) Home stations – Emergency power: Same as Class D, but using emergency power for transmitters and receivers. Class E may work all Field Day stations.

3.    Your antenna systems will be key – so start preparing now…

4.    Only Class A (Club) stations have a prescribed time to begin set up – other Category stations have no such limitations… so start preparing now!

5.    Start and End times will remain the same (see

6.    Check in on the SARA Club Repeater 147.150 MHz at the top of each hour during the event to share your contact info and operating tips, band conditions, etc.

7.    Facebook Groups are also encouraged to share information

sara_fd2020_2 <—Click here to view current information concerning Field Day on a Powepoint


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