Sawnee Amateur Radio Association

An amateur radio club for the Forsyth County Georgia Area

Welcome to the Sawnee Amateur Radio Association


SARA is one of the premier clubs in the North Georgia area. Presently, we have over fifty active members. The club and its members are actively involved in many different amateur radio activities. Some members enjoy just rag-chewing, or operating CW, SSB, VHF SSB, or QRP. Others enjoy chasing DX, or working satellites, or building equipment and antenna systems.

The clubs main emphasis is to assist local communities with special events and their communications needs. We also like to promote the public awareness of the ARRL Field Day event held every June. SARA has been honored with two national “First Place” finishes in our class, during past Field Day events.

If you are just starting out in amateur radio, we invite you to one of our upcoming events or meetings. Let us introduce you to our hobby while you visit one of the best clubs in the area.

Field Day 2016 June 25 & 26

The annual ARRL Field Day is Saturday June 25 to Sunday June 26. It will be held at Fowler Park main pavilion as it was last year. Randal DePriest ( is in charge of the overall organization. Come and enjoy operating in this annual contest.DSC_0086
Setup will begin on Saturday at 7 am.  Lenny’s will be providing lunch at noon. The contest will begin promptly at 2 pm. We hope to have two stations operating CW and two stations operating phone. There will be a pot luck dinner at 6 pm Saturday. The contest will run for 24 hours ending at 2 pm on Sunday. The park is allowing us to run for the complete 24 hour period.
If you can help out with setup, operating logging or take down please contact Randal.

 Extra Class License Workshop Scheduled

The time for the extra class license work shop has been confirmed with Lanier Technical College. All classes will be in room A237 on the Forsyth Campus starting at 7 pm and ending at 9 pm. The first day of classes will be  Tuesday August 30 and continuing weekly until November 15. The class will be lead by Jim Farmer with the rest of the Sawnee Amateur Radio instruction staff in support roles. All instructors hold an extra class FCC license. There is no charge for this class, the students will be responsible for purchasing their own license manual and paying for the FCC test at the end of the class.
The class will be using the new Extra Class Licese Manual Eleventh Edition as the basis for the preparation for the extra class exam. This manual covers the questions that will be on the new test for that license starting on July 1, 2016. The manual can be picked up in person locally at Ham Radio Outlet, or ordered on line at the ARRL site or Amazon. There is no code requirement for this test, or any test for that matter. We will not be just teaching to the test, but rather covering the content needed to understand the material on which the test is based. The exam for the extra class license will be offered on the last day of the class. The charge for the test is $15.
If you want to step up and become extra classy and enjoy all rights and frequency privileges available to amateur radio operators in the United States, this class is for you. To reserve your place in this class please email John Munday at There are a limited number of seats available for this class, so reserve you seat before they are gone.