April 13th Club Meeting

2015 is SARA’s Year of the Antenna. To kick off this series of meetings, club member Brian Dunn, W3CP will present An Introduction to Antenna Modeling.

Antenna modeling has become a popular amateur radio activity. If you
browse any recent amateur radio magazine, online antenna design
articles, or commercial antenna specs, or you will see many antenna
plots derived from antenna modeling. Fortunately, with the advent of
fast PCs and low-cost (including free) antenna modeling software, fast
and accurate antenna modeling is within your reach! Hams can now
effectively model many kinds of antennas, and the result will be
better understanding of antennas in general as well as your specific
antenna’s performance. In this introductory presentation, Bryan,
W3CP, will introduce you to the modeling process and available software
tools. His goal is to provide enough information and coaching to enable
you to get started modeling your own antennas!

Our Speaker

A native of Mechanicsburg, PA, Bryan, W3CP, was first licensed in 1989.
That fall, as he began his EE studies at Drexel University, he became
active in the Drexel University Amateur Radio Club. After college, he
took a long break from amateur radio, but rediscovered it in earnest
during 2011. Ever since this rediscovery, he has grown into a VHF/UHF
enthusiast with a particular love for 6m. On 6m, he is active on weak
signal modes, including meteor scatter. His current “primary” project
is putting up a tower and building a VHF/UHF station for all bands 6m to
23 cm. Some of his “side” projects include converting Larcan TV
transmitter modules to ham use, test equipment restoration and repair,
and converting commercial 2-way radio gear to ham use. He also enjoys
designing, modeling, and building antennas, with a keen interest in optimal
Yagi designs for 6m and 2m antennas

We look forward to seeing you Monday night for food at 6pm and the meeting at 7pm. Location and directions can be found here.

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