May 11th Club Meeting

Our Speaker Chuck Catledge, AE4CW is presenting “The Magic of Antennas and Some Practical Ones You Can Build”. His presentation will cover a range of topics including: Current and voltage on an antenna (including Ohm’s law), Electromagnetic waves – the “real” magic, Basic antenna configurations (dipoles, verticals, loops and more), and antennas you can build and how they perform.

The meeting begins at 7pm, please join us for a meal at 6pm. Directions can be find here.   Chuck was first licensed in 1957 as KN5MWQ. He was one of four young high school fellows who had the great fortune to be encouraged by one of the fathers to get their ham licenses! Each each went on to earn their General tickets (actually Conditional since they lived in the way outback), so he dropped the N and became K5MWQ. As is typical, college, career and family took precedence until he decided to “rediscover” ham radio in 2007. He was relicensed as AE4CW and has been having a blast ever since.

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