June 13, 2016 Club Meeting

Field Day Planning

As always, our June meeting is in the more than capable hands of our field day coordinator, Randal, N4AC, and this year we are going to hold it at the field day venue, Fowler Park.  Since we’re in the park and it’ll surely be a hot evening, let’s have some ice cream!

The Meeting Scoop
(Hope you caught the pun.)  So for this meeting and this meeting only, we will not be at the hospital, but rather we will be at the Fowler Park Main Pavilion, the same place we will hold field day in a couple of weeks.  This is the same place we have held it for the last several years.  Now the County charges to reserve the pavilion, and being hams, we’re way too cheap to pay for it, so we are just going to show up and hope no one else has it reserved that evening.  If we get unlucky, we’ll move to the two small pavilions, and if we are still unlucky, we’ll just stand on the hill somewhere.
Fowler Park
I didn’t get any takers for home made ice cream, so Kroger will benefit.  I’ll put out some sort of container, and ask you to drop in a contribution (US dollars only, please :-) ) to help defray the cost.  If the money received exceeds what the ice cream, drinks, etc. cost, the difference will go in the club’s general fund.  If we don’t get enough to cover the cost, I’ll go home with my tail between my legs and beg mamma to take me back anyway.  She may make me sell my ham gear to make up the difference. :-)

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