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August 11th Club Meeting

Our August program will feature Ned Mountain, WC4X, discussing the BevFlex receiving antenna. The BevFlex is a new Beverage antenna developed by Ned and Geoff, W8GNM, two engineers with long, distinguished careers in broadcast equipment engineering, with roots as hams since before their teens. Take a look at their QRZ pages!

Ned will describe the antenna, and if we can keep Dr. Murphy at bay, a live demonstration of BevFlex at his home on the side of a mountain in Sautee-Nacoochee. Ned will be controlling a radio and switching the antenna via the Internet.

The BevFlex is a completely new implementation of the long-time favorite receive antenna for lower ham bands. It offers directional reception, with the direction being controlled from the shack with one feed line. Other advantages include outstanding noise rejection, placement in the air or right on the ground, and it can be fed from any point along the antenna.

For more information, see the Pixel Technologies/InLogis advertisement on page 11 of the August issue of QST.

We look forward to seeing you Monday night at 7pm. Additional information including location of the meeting can be found here.

For those who would like to grab a bite with fellow hams before the meeting, there will be a group meeting at 5:30pm in Dicky’s BBQ at 415 Peachtree Parkway #255, Cumming, GA. (This is near the intersection of 141 and Ronald Regan Parkway, in the area of Starbucks.)

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