Sawnee Amateur Radio Association

An amateur radio club for the Forsyth County Georgia Area

Local Area Repeaters

WB4GQX Sawnee Mountain Amateur Group (SMAG)

  • 147.150+ (tone 141.3 Hz, tsql. 141.3 Hz)
    The 2 Meter Dennis Barrow Memorial Repeater
  • During weather activations or other local emergencies the WB4GQX 147.150 MHz repeater is dedicated to ARES communications use.

    When not in use in emergencies or Forsyth County ARES functions the repeater is open to all Amateur Radio Operators in North Georgia.

  • 441.900+ (tone 141.3 Hz, tsql. 141.3 Hz)
    The 440 Dennis Barrow Memorial Repeater
  • The WB4GQX 441.900 MHz UHF repeater is part of the Georgia Skywarn Linked Repeater network and has a direct radio link to the National Weather Service Office in Peachtree City. The UHF repeater also has IRLP linking capability and is node # 4065.

Thank you to the Sawnee Mountain Amateur Group for providing the repeater infrastructure to the Forsyth County Amateur Radio Emergency Service! We would also encourage all local Hams who use these repeaters to “do the right thing” by paying repeater dues every year to help defray the costs of keeping repeaters on the air. Visit the Sawnee Mountain Amateur Group website for more info.

W4CBA Georgia Baptist Relief Group

  • 444.625+ (tone 123.0 Hz)


  • DV C 145.2000 -0.6000
  • DV B 444.3500 +5.0000
  • DV A 1284.4000 -12.0000
  • DD A 1250.0000 RPS

What’s going on with the D-Star stack? KI4SBA Dashboard

W4FRT Forsyth Amateur Radio Technical Society

  • 444.975+ (tone 141.3 Hz) (Currently off the air)
    More info at

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