Sawnee Amateur Radio Association

The Sawnee Amateur Radio Association (SARA) is an Amateur Radio Club serving Forsyth County Georgia.

Forsyth County is located in north central Georgia, approximately 40 miles north of Downtown Atlanta. The County is one of the most rapidly growing areas in the United States.

SARA is named after Sawnee Mountain, which is located a short distance from the County Seat of Cumming and is the highest point in Forsyth County.

The Sawnee Amateur Radio Association assists local organizations in meeting their communication needs. SARA promotes public awareness of ham radio through the annual ARRL Field Day held each June.

SARA has been honored with TWO (2) First Place finishes in our class during past Field Day events.

SARA has an active youth group which has been involved in HAB (High Altitude Balloon) launches as well as Satellite communications.

SARA’s monthly meetings are known for their varied and interesting topics.

SARA also operates a number of repeaters on Sawnee Mountain, hosted by WWEV Radio.

During times of inclement weather many SARA members support Forsyth County ARES, activating a local weather net to track impending storms.

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