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SARA is one of the premier clubs in the North Georgia area. Presently, we have over 70 active members. The club and its members are actively involved in many different amateur radio activities. Some members enjoy just rag-chewing or operating CW, SSB, VHF SSB, or QRP. Others enjoy chasing DX, or working satellites, or building equipment and antenna systems.

The club’s main emphasis is to assist local communities with special events and their communications needs. We also like to promote the public awareness of the ARRL Field Day event held every June. SARA has been honored with two national “First Place” finishes in our class, during past Field Day events. We also are always actively welcoming and reaching out to youth to help continue this amazing hobby with the upcoming generations!

If you are just starting out in amateur radio, we invite you to one of our upcoming events or meetings. Let us introduce you to our hobby while you visit one of the best clubs in the area.

Upcoming Events

October 14, 2019 Meeting – Joe Martin WB4S

SARA October Meeting
October 14, 6:30 at Beaver Toyota
1875 Buford Hwy, Cumming, GA 30041
Our program features Joe Martin WB4S (Formerly KN4IEB). He’ll be talking about the practical side of WINLINK.
Joe received his extra class license in 2017. He’s a member of
Hall county ARES (AEC)
Forsyth county ARES
Forsyth county CERT
Georgia Auxcomm deployment team.
Joe is going to talk about setting up Winlink, a particularly useful mode of digital communications on both HF and VHF/UHF. He invites you to bring your laptop with the winlink installer already on it, and he’ll walk you through setting it up.
Winlink, or formally, Winlink Global Radio Email (registered US Service Mark), also known as the Winlink 2000 Network, is a worldwide radio messaging system that uses amateur-band radio frequencies and government frequencies to provide radio interconnection services that include email with attachments, position reporting, weather bulletins, emergency and relief communications, and message relay. The system is built and administered by volunteers and is financially supported by the Amateur Radio Safety Foundation Inc., an American public-benefit entity and 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. (Wikipedia). Google WINLINK for much more information.
For people interested in setting up Winlink, download RMS Express (Winlink) before the meeting by going to https://www.winlink.org/WinlinkExpress.