Sawnee Amateur Radio Association

An amateur radio club for the Forsyth County Georgia Area

Official minutes and reports from Board of Directors and regular club meetings.

February 2014 Board Minutes


SARA Board Meeting

February 1, 2014


The meeting was called to order by president John Manton at 1:00 pm at his home.


Present were:   John Manton, John Munday, John DeHart, Jim Farmer, Randal DePriest, Rin Irvin, Ryan Kovacs, and

On Assignment in Florida was Ferrel Brown


Treasurers Report:

            John DeHart reported that we had $1034 on hand at present.


            A working draft budget was passed out by John Manton and discussed. It was noted that the current number of dues paying members would not support the expenditures of the discussed budget. Input in terms of the previous years expenses will be developed as computer access to the association’s bank account is obtained. It was also decided that getting the ability of the membership to pay their dues by way of PayPal would be examined. The need to develop book keeping necessary for our new status as a non-profit was discussed. A number of individuals who may be able to help were discussed.


The following items were discussed:


Member Survey:

The results of the membership survey were reviewed. Not surprising was the popularity of the Field Day and Georgia QSO activities. The ARRL Centennial special activity, balloon launch and hands on training activities (other than our licensing classes) were discussed. 


Georgia QSO Party:

            Tom McElroy (W4SDR) has agreed to serve as the chairperson for this event. It is to be held at the same place as last year. Efforts to be better organized, especially in the area of clean up were stressed. Individuals who expressed an interest in the activity are to be forwarded to W4SDR. It was felt that this event should be used as a training ground for the ARRL Field Day activity, with emphasis in getting new participants ready to operate. It was also discussed that for some people the option of operating from home may be used to increase our point total.


ARRL Centennial Special Event Station

            The county commission has been contacted about proclaiming June, Ham Radio Month in Forsyth County. People will be needed to be present to accept the proclamation. A significant number of people have indicated their interest in being involved in this activity. A number of possible locations were discussed as well as the need for a chairperson for this event.


Balloon Launch

            The balloon launch was a popular activity. The funding of the project as well as who and how to organized it were discussed. The desire to have it at Fowler Park to make attendance easier to publicize were discussed.


Training/Hands-on Activities

            Various projects that could be used as activities were discussed, including SCAF filters, Pico Keys, and antennas, training on the fine points of using the repeaters in the area and learning Morse Code. The 10 meter Thursday net was discussed as a training and or Elmer activity.


Club Meeting Speakers

            Jim Farmer presented the research he had done on speakers for upcoming meetings. The possibility of video taping of presentation was discussed as a possibility.


Membership Promotion

            The posting of club activities in the local news paper and web sites is being done. It was felt that communicating with surrounding clubs would also be a good idea. Ryan Kovacs is to assume the role of Public Information Officer for the club. The need to develop as comprehensive as possible email list of hams in the club area was discussed and several existing collections are to be forwarded to Ryan. Having a social hour/meal prior to the monthly meeting and moving the time of the meeting back to 7:30 PM was discussed to mimic the social aspect that the club achieves weekly at the Lenny’s luncheon.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:30pm


The next meeting is to be on Saturday March 1st.


Respectfully Submitted


John Munday K4JNM

Posted 5 years, 5 months ago at 8:48 pm.

January 11, 2014 Board Minutes

SARA Board Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2014


The meeting was called to order by president John Manton at 1:00 pm at his home.

Present were:   John Manton, John Munday, John DeHart, Jim Farmer, Randal DePriest, Rin Irvin, Ferrel Brown, and

Visitors:           Jack Fisher


Treasurers Report:

John DeHart reported that we had $600 on hand at present after a $400 expense to file with the IRS for tax exempt status. Concern was express for the number of outstanding membership dues. It was decided to wait until after the next monthly meeting to take action to remind members of their dues. John Munday agreed to coordinate with Jack Fisher and John DeHart to replace Jack as a signatory on SARA checks.


The following items were discussed:

Meeting Location:

The pros and cons of the new location for our monthly membership meeting were discussed and it was decided not to investigate any changes as of this time. The new location affords us with the space for growth which is one of our goals.


Guest Speakers for the Monthly Meetings:

Jack Fisher has left us with a good start, with speakers for January and February already arranged. Jim Farmer agreed to be in charge of arranging speakers with the help of other Board members. A number of suggestions were discussed. A small honorarium for speakers who travel from outside the county was discussed with twenty dollars being agreed upon.


June 2014 County Ham Radio Month Proclamation:

John Manton discussed the 100th anniversary of the ARRL and our part in the celebration. He agreed to work with his contacts to get the county board of commissioners to proclaim June 2014 as Ham Radio Month.  The operation of a special event station someplace on Market Place Avenue was discussed. Efforts to get this organized will be part of our overall program for this year.


Field Day 2014

Randal DePriest will again head up Field Day this year. Field Day falls on June 28 and 29. Last years Field Day was a big success with concern expressed that Randal needing more help it the event was to continue to improve.


Georgia QSO Party 2014, April 12 – 13

Problems with last years QSO party were discussed. The need for someone to take charge of this activity was discussed. Clean up of the location we used was unsatisfactory and caused some understandable hard feelings.


Membership Involvement in Activities:

Club Historian, Georgia QSO Party, Fox Hunt, Balloon Launch, ARRL 100 Special Event Station were among the possible projects discussed if staffing is available. It was decided to provide membership sign up opportunities at the next general membership meeting to assess interest in these and other activities as may be brought up.


Class Schedules

Jack Fisher and John Dabney are running the General Class License Class on Tuesday 1/14 to 2/18 with a test date to follow on 2/25.

A Extra Class Workshop is to be offered from 5/6 to 6/3 with a test date to follow on 6/10.

The Technician Class will be offered taught by John Munday on 9/16 to 10/14 with a test date to follow on 10/21.

John Munday agreed to take the lead on educational activities for the club if Jack Fisher agreed to continue with the General Class License classes. Other education related activities such as assigning Elmers was discussed.

John DeHart discussed the staffing of or testing program. Although we have not had problem fielding enough VE for sessions there a concern the we need to have more and better identifying those the we already have available.


President Manton provided the board with two articles on suggested practices for running an effective radio clubs. He voiced the desire that we should double the size of the club in the next year.


The next meeting was scheduled for February 8th at 1:00 pm at the Manton Mansion.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:02 pm.


Respectfully Submitted

John Munday
Secretary SARA

Posted 5 years, 5 months ago at 7:49 pm.