Sawnee Amateur Radio Association

An amateur radio club for the Forsyth County Georgia Area

March 9th Club Meeting

This months meeting begins with a special feature: W4CBA is getting a brand spanking new 440 YAESU repeater on Sawnee Mountain. SARA Members Randal DePriest, N4AC and Ferrell Brown, KE4QDC fresh from helping with the installation will give us a tour complete with pictures of the new repeater.

SARA’s President Jim Farmer, K4BSE will lead a discussion of The Amateur’s Code, an outline of who we are and how to operate properly. Join us at the meeting and learn to be a better operator and vent some steam at those who don’t hold to the Code’s high standards.

This will be followed by an open discussion of how to apply The Code’s principles today – and you are welcome to argue the finer points of proper operating, as there is room for disagreement. You can vent about those who don’t follow good operating practices, and brag on those who do.

We look forward to seeing you Monday night for food at 6pm and the meeting at 7pm. Location and directions can be found here.
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February 9th Club Meeting

SARA’s own membership chair Ryan Kovacs, KK4OSG will demonstrate Amateur radio related apps for your phone or tablet. Ryan will review some of his favourite and helpful apps in use on his phablet. If you are a cheap ham and hate to spend money you will not want to miss this. Never before have hams been able to get on the air for Free until now, come and see how! As a door prize we will be giving away a 2 meter roll up J-pole kit!

We look forward to seeing you Monday night at 7pm. Additional information including location of the meeting can be found here.

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Janurary 12th Club Meeting Minutes

Come join us for a discussion on the “State of SARA” and help plan activities for the new year.  This will be an open discussion, be sure to bring your ideas.

We look forward to seeing you Monday night at 7pm. Additional information including location of the meeting can be found here.

SARA also welcomes its newly elected officers and board members for 2015:
President Jim Farmer, K4BSE
Vice President Bryan Dunn, W3CP
Treasurer John Munday, K4JNM
Secretary Rin Irvin, W4RIN
2015 Field Day Chairman Randal DePriest, N4AC
Membership Chairman Ryan Kovacs, KK4OSG
Director Rin Irvin, W4RIN

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Decemember 8th Club Meeting and Holiday Gathering

SARA’s December Meeting and Holiday Gathering will again be held at the Golden Corral, 2025 Marketplace Boulevard in Cumming on December 8th. It is located in front of Best Buy, at the intersection of Buford Dam Road and Marketplace Boulevard. Please feel free to bring your family and friends to join the festivities.

The room will be reserved from 6pm for those who wish to eat, and a short general meeting will be called to order around 7pm.  Votes will be held to elect SARA’s officers for the 2015 term.

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November 10th Club Meeting

Club member Bryan Dunn, W3CP presents “What is the optimal HF antenna height?”.  Conventional wisdom is higher is better.   However, that is not always the case?  The “optimal” height depends on your local terrain and the bands you want to operate on.

Fortunately, publicly available terrain and propagation data enables hams to perform a QTH-specific analysis and make informed decisions about antenna height when planning their antenna system.  Bryan will introduce us to the theory, walk us through the analysis process, and share some actual analysis results for some local hams’ QTHs.  One of the QTHs that Bryan will analyze is that of your program chair.  Come see just how badly Jim has screwed up.    Continue Reading…

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October 13th Club Meeting

Octobers meeting features Moe Wheatley of RF Space. This presentation will focus on SDR recordings of various blocks of spectrum to show a bunch of signals most hams know about and probably some you don’t know about.

Some Visual and Sound sources that will be examined include:

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Septmember 8th Club Meeting

September’s meeting will feature a Home-Town Technology Marvel: Dick Perin, ex WA8FTU, of TBS Special Projects Engineering.  Join us at 7pm for a look at how Turner got started, what Turner is like today, and what the future may hold for Turner, as well as broadcasting in general.  Dick will give us a video and audio tour of one of the most sophisticated TV plants in the world, located right here in Atlanta.  Dick has been designing and building the trucks used to pick up sports and other venue programming – those things are marvels of engineering! Continue Reading…

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August 11th Club Meeting

Our August program will feature Ned Mountain, WC4X, discussing the BevFlex receiving antenna. The BevFlex is a new Beverage antenna developed by Ned and Geoff, W8GNM, two engineers with long, distinguished careers in broadcast equipment engineering, with roots as hams since before their teens. Take a look at their QRZ pages!

Ned will describe the antenna, and if we can keep Dr. Murphy at bay, a live demonstration of BevFlex at his home on the side of a mountain in Sautee-Nacoochee. Ned will be controlling a radio and switching the antenna via the Internet. Continue Reading…

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July 14th Club Meeting

Our featured speaker is Chris Batch, KS4MM of Balch Law Group. As an Amateur Extra class licensee and ARRL Volunteer Counsel, he understands the science and art that is Amateur Radio. Chris will be speaking on the legal issues surrounding our hobby including antennas.

We look forward to seeing you Monday night at 7pm. Additional information including location of the meeting can be found here.

For those who would like to grab a bite with fellow hams before the meeting, there will be a group meeting at 5:30pm in Dicky’s BBQ at 415 Peachtree Parkway #255, Cumming, GA. (This is near the intersection of 141 and Ronald Regan Parkway, in the area of Starbucks.)

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June 11th Club Meeting

Field Day Chairman Randal DePriest, N4AC will give a presentation on the club’s preparations for Field Day. Mark your calendars and spend some time with other club members on June 28-29th at Forsyth County’s Fowler Park in the large pavilion.

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